Village of Mazomanie, WI
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Iron that Walks

Settlers first began moving into the area around Mazomanie in the 1840s. Many of these first pioneers were members of the British Temperance Emigration Society, popular in the Yorkshire and Lancashire regions of England. Dover, now a ghost town, was the first village they founded. This site was gradually abandoned after the arrival of the railroad. [ ...more]

First Annual District One 5K Run/Walk Saturday May 17th, 2014
Registration Form for First Annual District One 5K Run/Walk Saturday May 17th, 2014
Wisconsin Heights Area Recreational Booklet Summer 2014

Beginning Monday, March 31st, water customers may stop running their water to prevent lateral freeze-ups.

Until 3/31/2014, in an effort to prevent water freeze ups, we are requesting that all water customers begin running their water at a pencil thickness until further notice. You will not be charged for the additional water and sewer charges.

We anticipate it will be necessary to run the water 24 hours a day, seven days a week until the end of March.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Mazomanie Utilities
The Village of Mazomanie is very proud to announce that we have been recognized with a Recycling Excellence Award for superior performance in 2012 by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources....
Now Accepting Applications: Milestone Senior Living, 1870 Market St, Cross Plains, WI 53528 - Opening in February, 2014!
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To put an annoucement on the Mazomanie sign, please email contact and sign information to
Mazomanie Police Department to Host MedDrop Box
Fence Ordinance
Legal Notices and Community
Any organization or individual who would like to schedule an event can call the Village Office in Mazomanie and have the event put on the Event Calendar. This calendar will hopefully eliminate scheduling conflicts. If you would like your event placed on the Event Calendar, call either Sue or Kia at the Mazomanie Village Office at 795-2100.
Flood Plain Information Brochure
Downtown Streetscaping Presentation
Mazomanie Business Park


133 Crescent Street
PO Box 26
Mazomanie, WI 53560

Phone: (608) 795-2100
or (608) 767-2761

Fax: (608) 795-2102


Mon: 8-4 Tue: 8-4
Wed: 8-4 Thu: 8-7
Fri: 8-4

2013 Statistics

Population: 1661
Ave. Assmt. Ratio: 1.0503
Mill Rate: .02187459

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